This is the last post about Halloween. I promise. As I mentioned in the last couple of posts, I convinced J to set up a photo booth in our front yard so that all of the little kidlets (and their parents) could capture their cuteness with an image. He was stuck there for the night taking photos. It may or may not have been worth it, but it was a fun experiment. Here we are on Halloween eve testing out the lighting:

And here is Bobolicious in his adorable owl costume. I actually made this (can you hear the shock in my voice?)! I want him to wear it every day for the next month. I'm not one of those 'crafting moms' with an organized, perfect crafting room and cute homemade things everywhere. It was more like chaos in the garage with leaking glue guns, misplaced paper flowers and scraps of felt everywhere. But I had so much fun making stuff, maybe I just will become a crafter of things....or even an artist (less likely)!-- who knows? For now, I enjoyed copying other people's ideas and searching out online tutorials. (The owl costume is from Martha.)


  1. What? You're an artist already.

    Bobo looks so damn cute. I can hardly stand it. I chatted with Tasha yesterday and she said how great everything looked and what a good time it was. Good job, Lady.

  2. @desi: can you believe I'm still wearing your hand-me-down shirt? Oh, how I miss the McKinnon/O'Grady hand-me downs.

  3. you are missing them. we just did a major clean out. come visit.


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