Go to your happy place.

Don't I look happy?

I've been caught in a bad place for the past week. It's like I've been wearing dark glasses on a stormy day. Maybe it's the time of year...or the serious sleep deprivation....or the damn month-long candida diet (which I haven't been totally faithful to as you can see from the figalicious post).
Since I can't change the time of year or force my baby to sleep and I need to stick to the diet to get rid of allergies.....I'm in desperate need of a change in perspective.

Jora's post yesterday reminded me of this, So I'm copying the idea.

It always amazes me how a simple tweak in my surroundings can completely shift my energy. My neurons begin to fire differently creating new pathways and BAM! I feel better. Even if only for a moment, it helps. (Have I mentioned that I'm a total brain chemistry geek?)

Here it goes, a list of things I can do to change my perspective:
(I will refer to this list and add to it as I remember things)

Step outside
lie down under a tree and look up.
Go for a walk (even with the kidlets)
Ride my bike to get somewhere--riding downhill with no helmet makes me smile
Go mountain biking
Listen to music/dance
Cuddle with my boys
Make a cup of tea
Take a hot shower or bath
Climb rocks
Call a nurturing and/or funny friend
Bake something
Cook with no time limit and no kids around and eat slowly with friends
Get an adjustment from Dr. Beau (too bad he's so far away now)
Go skiing
Go swimming in the ocean
Sit where I can see the ocean
Go to a farm or a farmer's market
Read Rumi or some other mystical poetry
Read something else helpful or inspiring
Go somewhere alone--coffee shop, bookstore, massage
Eat sushi

What's on your list?


  1. you look happy alright. maybe a little manic ;) i just did the same type of post. btw pg tips is super black tea. it's like the english version of lipton only better. makes your teeth all brown.

  2. such a great list! Now I just need to establish the habit of changing gears to get that happy juice flowing. Think I'll go do that now. Electric guitar here I come!! :-)

  3. Love your list! I would agree with them, and add making cloud pictures! Found you from NaBloPoMo! Good luck with the adventure :)

  4. Nice list. I'd have to add: eat a piece of chocolate, watch Bridesmaids, write


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