Nineteen days away from his first birthday and the boy is cruising! He's been walking for almost three weeks and crawling for almost six months. He climbs up onto everything--top steps of stools, the couch, the kids' table.
He screams. Loud. He giggles. Adorably. He nurses. Incessantly.
He sticks any and all cords or electrical devices in his mouth. He cleans up the floor and yard with his teeth like a little goat. He shovels handfuls of dogfood into his cheeks when you're not looking and then screams with clenched fists when you try to take it. His colic has subsided (I think) and turned into a habit of waking up throughout the night.
Bodhi (or Bo-da as Finn likes to call him), is on his way to toddler-land. I regret that I was half asleep for the first year. I wish I enjoyed it more, but I was so damn sleep deprived and had trouble enjoying anything. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it (can you tell?). It was what it was.
He is cruising. And I can't get enough of those old-soul eyes and rosy cheeks.


  1. He is divine. I have the same feeling about my little Oliver and not being fully present for his first year, even more than with his older sister, because I had the two to focus on. Now, even though he is still baby-faced at 29 months, I am really starting to panic about this being the last vestiges of his baby-life. We are so lucky to have them, I shouldn't complain, but I do wish they would stay little a lot longer!

    Congrats on NaBloPoMo, btw!

  2. bodhi is so damn adorable. those eyes are going to kill the ladies when he's not pushing them away;)


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