National Blog Posting Month Day 7: Here I am.

You may have noticed that I suddenly started posting every day. On a whim (after reading this post over at Eat Thru the Pain) I decided that maybe I, too, should try writing every day. Why not? I think I may be the type of person that likes to have a defined 'project'. Maybe it keeps me  from obsessing about various things (for example: health, sleep, food, what direction I want to go with my life). Or more likely, it's just a healthy way for me to channel my obsessions. Last month's project was Halloween & Day of the Dead. This month it's NaBloPoMo (I'm trying to embrace this acronym, but I'm not going to lie, I'm having trouble).

So, here I am, with no particular goal in mind other than to enjoy the process and maybe even create some routine in my life.

Confession: I have a hard time with routine. I don't seem to be able to follow a self-imposed weekly schedule--for example: Every Monday I'm going to post an interview, or Tuesday is current events, etc. I've tried this sort of thing as a teacher --and I'll stick to it for a month or so, but then I have to change it up, I just can't help myself (which is why I'm better suited as a high school rather than grade school teacher). As a parent I've also tried -- we had fun little 'jobs' on a homemade chart that we did every day. That lasted all of about a month too. *sigh*.

Oh, I understand the benefits of such routines--kids feel secure and know what to expect, planning is easier (I can imagine it: pizza fridays or taco Tuesdays-- the shopping list could practically write itself). I think the key for me will be to see them as rituals rather than routines. I love rituals.  That's it! I need my own rituals.

See? NaBloPoMo is helping me already.

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