Dia De los Muertos: part 2

The Day of the Dead is officially tomorrow, but we started celebrating it on Halloween night. I posted last week about our preparations for what everyone told us would be an insane night in the 'hood. It was everything the neighbors had promised and more: lines of kids stretching down the walkway, streets closed, mobs of people walking around (which you just don't see in this tiny town), dance performances. Wow. Jason was at the photo booth for about 4 hours straight and I was (what was I doing?)....making sure our 'open house' was running smoothly while carrying 2 clingy children that I was occasionally able to peel off of me and hand to a grandparent. (They are adorable though--even when they cling).

Did I mention that we commissioned 2 dozen tamales from the tia of a man who works with my cousin? Oh my. They were amazing. I also made tamales de elote....let's just say I need some practice. The taste was good. The form? far from perfect. I also made: almond flour butter cookies cut into cute halloween shapes and gluten free pumpkin cookies, Martha's butternut squash salad (yum), (actually, jason's sister showed up at my house just in time to make it for me). My aunt made black beans and I bought Pan de Muerto from the local bakery.  Oh...and atole-- a traditional Mexican hot cinnamon drink-- but I don't think anyone realized it was there--or maybe they just wanted something harder.

Here are some preliminary photos. [Sorry if you've already seen these on Instagram and Facebook. There will be others tomorrow]:

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