Thanksgiving sides & such: gluten free

illustration: Rebekka Seale
I'm already getting excited for Thanksgiving... I'm not hosting this year, so it will be easy-- no spatchcocking or setting up a minute by minute plan for the cooking (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but as you probably know, the logistics take some coordination--even with the fun, small group we had last year).

This year, we get to go to my cousin's house. His amazing Aussie wife specializes in over-achievement far beyond my pre-adrenal burnout days. She is also an organizer extraordinaire. I love the fact that even though I live 3000 miles from home I still have some family here. My mom's sister --a transplant from Rhode Island--- lives next door to my in-laws and raised her kids here in this small town.
The hosts:  cousin, Aussie wife, 2 kiddos
The guests: My aunt and uncle, another lovely cousin & her 2 boys, friends of said lovely cousin (I think they are a couple and a toddler), the amazing Aussie's mum (all the way from Oz), and the amazing Aussie's aunt and daughters (who also live here in town), and finally--the four of us.

What I'm bringing:
  1. Sweet potato & sage butter casserole: this was a hit at last year's feast. I Highly recommend it.
found on The Bitten Word. Photo: Martha Stewart Living
2. A Festive cocktail: I'm thinking.....either the ginger bourbon fizz (illustrated above) or a version of this classic whiskey smash (maybe made with ginger syrup instead of simple syrup and possibly subbing another liquor):

from Bon Appetit

A gluten free stuffing/dressing-- I think I'll go the cornbread route (I came up with a tasty GF cornbread recipe based on others but of course didn't document it. I'll post it when I figure it out again).  Here are two cornbread dressings that look yummy: 1) Cornbread dressing with smoked bacon & pecans (from Southern Living) :

Photo: Iain Bagwell; Styling: Heather Chadduck
 2) Cornbread, sausage & pecan dressing (from Bon Appetit):

Photograph by Christopher Testani

Toasted nutmeg ice cream from Saveur (also a winner from last year-- I changed it a bit but will figure that out later):
Credit: Todd Coleman
Some sort of gluten free dessert: I think I'll turn this butternut squash cake gluten free:

somehow crossing it with this pumpkin spice cake:

That's all for now... What are you cooking?


  1. I have a friend/coworker who is now following this kind of diet, and I am forwarding your link to her so she can have some assistance with her meal. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for reading Winnie! I have a lot of other gluten free recipes on the blog and more from last year's thanksgiving.

  2. This all looks so good. I think it will just be Josh and I this year, so I don't think I will be cooking a ton. I have so many drinks that I want to try from that new bitters book I bought. Very inspiring.

    1. I want to know more about the Bitters book. Sounds cool! Just the two of you? awww....wish we could see you.


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