Crash and Burn-- the silver lining: tales of a burnt-out mama

Sunday in the backyard chatting with our friends across the fence. This is nice.
My brain has clicked into  screen saver mode
My eyes too heavy to open, yet too jittery to stay closed
My neck and shoulders are actually made of rock.

Despite my intent to use the least amount of effort possible this past week, here I am on Sunday in the midst of a full adrenal crash most likely due to eating something with actual sugar, a miniscule amount of gluten and drinking some wine. Seriously.

But I definitely don't want to whine, so this post is going to be about the good parts of adrenal burnout. Yes, the good parts.

Here it goes-- top ten eleven in no specific order:
  1.  I'm completely off the hook when it comes to doing dishes. Jason does almost all of them.
  2.  In the summer I was crashing once a week, now it only happens every couple of weeks! (this is a good sign of healing)
  3.  I'm eating a super clean diet. I've done this for a while-- but now it's new & improved, ultra clean and that's got to be good for me beyond the adrenal thing.
  4. I can now blame all of my insanities on heavy metal toxicity. (you could too-- check this out)
  5. When I feel good, I feel REALLY good. In fact, I have a whole new appreciation for feeling good.
  6. I also have an incredible tolerance for feeling bad.
  7. Having a tiny bite of fruit practically gives my taste buds an orgasm.
  8. I give myself permission to say 'no' to anything I don't want to do and I don't feel guilty about it.
  9. Even though most people have no clue what is going on with me, my husband and a few of my friends understand and support me completely. 
  10. I know that I will heal and that I will finally be able to deal well with stress (something I've struggled with for at least 32 years) and avoid disease. 
  11. Did I mention that I have managed to almost let go of having a clean house? and that Jason does the dishes?
Ahhhh, that feels better. Thanks for listening.  xo


  1. i feel insane by just looking at that long article on metals. you will have to give me your readers' digest version some day.

  2. Thanks for reading Desi-- that metals article is written by my doctor. I'll give you the reader's digest version anytime ;)


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