Gardening and getting outside in the 'hood.

B and I planted garlic today before the storm. We've also planted onions and one lonely plant of broccoli in our little boxes.  I'm hoping that something grows well. Even though I've worked on a couple of small farms, I don't seem to have the greenest thumb around.... But I'm hopeful. The chickens seem to like me anyway.
One of the best things about our new house is that our friends moved in next door. We get to have Sunday morning coffee/tea across our backyards and Finn loves having a friend to play with. In fact, I just returned from having a cocktail (and a half) and good conversation at their house.  
I'm fascinated by these 'pretend' deer (as Finn and I call them) that live down the street. Whoever lives here has an amazing creek-side park-like property. The deer seem comfortable, don't they?
B is into it. Watering those plants. He is a piece of work, this one. (another one of my mom' s phrases). 

More rain tomorrow! It's beginning to feel more like Autumn...

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  1. really like this and am going to try it, colleen. thank you!! (i am soooo behind on blogs!)


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