Silver linings.

It cracks me up that Finn dressed in the same colors-- I think it was by chance! B and that tongue...
I know that it was just a couple of weeks ago when I was writing about being nostalgic for autumn in New England. But you know what? California ain't too shabby this time of year either. I witnessed some amazing skies last week-- especially while driving down to the San Joaquin Valley (over an hour drive-- but the closest Trader Joe's!).  On Saturday night the first frost arrived and we woke up to a blanket of golden leaves in the backyard that turned brown by the evening. It was pretty cool.

By the way: It's Nablopomo day 14 and I'm barely surviving... happy Wednesday!


  1. I miss even those little glimpses of autumn. Those drives can be nice too.

  2. I didn't know that Nablopomo was still done! GAH. I'm so out of it. I LOVE that last photo. It makes me want to get in my car and just drive.

    1. I dropped out! (of nablopomo) I did it last year...but it was beginning to feel like a chore this time. It did get me writing again though....


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