Teen Yoga

Tonight was the last class of my 6 week 'yoga for teens' session.

 It's been almost two years since I stopped teaching high school to be home with my boys and I was really missing the energy and presence of teenagers. I used to teach an elective yoga class in addition to environmental science-- but this new class was especially good because the students actually chose to be there. They signed up, paid for it and came to the classes outside of the school day and on top of their heavy loads of extra-curricular and sport activities.

Aren't they awesome? We did some partner yoga tonight (as you can see in the photos), which is so much fun to do with this age group because they really want to be social (at least this class did-- it might not work with every group).

I love seeing the contrast between my adult yoga classes and the teens.  I find it fascinating, the different ways that people move, and how their bodies respond to various verbal prompts or poses in general.

But what I truly love is sharing a practice that has helped me to become more aware of my own body and mind in ways that have had a profound impact on my daily life.

I'm feeling grateful.... and sleepy.


  1. Yeah teenagers. I miss teens too.

    Did you listen to 'This American Life' yesterday? It was about Middle School aged kids. I thought of you when I heard it. Very interesting age.

  2. I wish I'd practiced yoga as a teen. I actually had a couple of my acting teachers have us warm up with yoga stretches, but I didn't know what they were until I started practicing yoga!

    1. I wish I'd practiced yoga as a teen too. It may have saved me from some college eating issues...


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