Winter views & blues

Winter has been almost nonexistent around here. Last year  (our first winter living back up in the mountains) was a crazy (HUGE) snow year with powder day after powder day that I missed while caring for newborn Bodhi. I didn't mind a bit-- I was too busy (and sleep deprived) to even think about i.

This season I bought some new ski gear and was eager  to get out there. Alas, the weather gods didn't cooperate. I still try to make it up to the mountain once a week to enjoy some solitude and silence on the slopes. (Even if it's only for a couple of runs!) 
These are some of the Intagram photos I've been taking (@colleentara).
Can't you just hear the silence?

Lately....I'm exhausted most of the time from lack of sleep (yes, little B is still up 2+ times a night!) and I've been feeling extra emotional about family members battling cancer. I think part of the blues I'm feeling is hormonal. But I'm also like a a fine-tuned antenna-- picking up energy from people and situations around me constantly. I have to find a consistent way to release some of it instead of absorbing it all like a saturated sponge. I feel things deeply, and I'm grateful for that sensitivity... but sometimes it can be overwhelming.

In fact, I think I'll head up to ski tomorrow and let the tall trees absorb it for me.


  1. I know the feeling. Sometimes I feel like an open wound. A screen that situations vibrate through. I've been feeling those feelings more lately. I have found that meditation and appreciation are the only things that help me to raise my vibration. I just start looking around and start thinking about how I love this or that and how it functions so easily in my life.

    I'm glad you can ski. It sounds so peaceful. Enjoy tomorrow. Love you.

  2. colleen, I'm sorry there's cancer worry in your family right now. that really does scrape us down to the core. I too know that feeling of picking up on everything around me -- too much static, churn. it's like a constant battle for me. But i'm glad you have a remedy in getting out in the snow. looks like heaven. I absolutely love the shot of the empty chair lift and glowing sky.

  3. I'm sorry you've been blues-y... I know that feeling of feeling overwhelmed by other people's sadness (and situations). I hope the trees and snow helped :)


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