Please send your love, strength & prayers

Here is my amazingly strong & beautiful cousin and her husband of almost 24 years (look how in love they are!). This photo was taken 10 days before he was diagnosed with a stage IV glioblastoma (a.k.a.:a brain tumor).

It's been a year and a half that he's been fighting back. Chemo, radiation, 2 surgeries, alternative therapies, nutritional therapy, he's done it all.... and now he's on hospice. They have two boys--ages 13 and 7. I was 13 when my mom was first diagnosed with cancer-- it's such a mixed-up, tender age.

Sometimes it's so hard to make sense of life & suffering, isn't it?

Would you mind sending some love & strength their way?



  1. Oh Colleen. I hate hearing about anyone going through this pain that we both know so well. Just the word "hospice" (and everything it signifies) makes my gut clench. It's just wretched. I'm so very sorry. They look like such beautiful people and I'm sending them thoughts of peace. xoxo

  2. sending all of it their way....and your way too. it is hard to watch people you love go through that.

  3. I'm so sorry. They are beautiful people. I have a very tough time making reason out of life's suffering. You have all my love and support.


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