What you practice is what you have. (a declaration of liberation)

 I finally decided that enough was enough. I will not postpone happiness until life is less stressful.  Anxiety will no longer  trump my peace card.

I am finished focusing on 'self improvement' and giving power to the critical voices in my head. Trying to be 'better' at EVERYTHING is exhausting. It doesn't work. It's not like I'll reach a certain point and finally satisfy the voice that tells me "You can do BETTER!" Because there is always somewhere to go.

Instead, I will practice feeling like I have already arrived at 'Better'. Instead of practicing being self-critical and overwhelmed, I will practice letting those thoughts pass by and directing my attention to my body, to what is happening in the moment.

These trees remind me to stop.
I picked up another book of Cheri Huber's: What You Practice is What You Have, in the same week as Desi directed me to Danielle LaPorte's website: White Hot Truth. The similarities between the messages of these two teachers (one a Zen monk and the other an inspiring entrepreneurial coach) was synchronistic for me.

They are saying the same thing:

"Self improvement infers there’s something wrong with you, so you’re already starting off with a disadvantage.
Of course there’s something to improve — always will be, life is an evolutionary equation. But liberation is about consciously choosing your perspectives, moment to moment, so let’s choose viewpoints that are advantageous and give us warm fuzzy, encouraging feelings."
--Danielle LaPorte, "Why Self Improvement Makes You Neurotic", White Hot Truth

I am all for liberation. In fact, I am practicing liberation right now.

What are you practicing?


  1. You go, you liberated human. I love it. Right now I'm practicing dinner and digesting a great book I just finished.

  2. I'm kinda over self-improvement too. It's exhausting. Plus, I want to read other things. So, I guess I'm not really "practicing" anything. Just trying to not think so much. :-)

  3. seems to be the theme for the week. I already feel better than myself

  4. I am practicing many of the same things. Letting go. I always feel like "If I just did a little more, then it would be better". I need to stop. I am practicing breathing.

  5. I'm practicing being quiet... I'm practicing putting the iPhone down... I'm practicing making friends... I'm practicing detachment from fear... I'm practicing reading novels and other "off-topic" books... I'm practicing (inspired by your previous post) ignoring carpe diem motherhood :)


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