Burning Question: How do you want it all to feel?

From the archives... with Desi.

"The Burning question" is an interactive exercise that Danielle (of White Hot Truth) started. She creates a question, answers it, and then invites you to do the same.

The first one:  How do you want it all to feel?  was so much fun to do. In her words:
"Feelings are magnetic. So it goes that if you generate certain feelings — and you have the power to create any feeling you desire — then you increase the power of your emotional magnetism. But we need to limber up, loosen the images and adjectives encrusted on our goals and most-desired states. It helps to get poetic, lyrical, and abstract. Go there with me."
Here it goes: 

I want my home to feel like cinnamon and hot chocolate in a Morrocan patterned teacup with a hint of cayenne.
I want my friendships to feel like eating watermelon and spitting out the seeds or like riding a bike downhill with the wind blowing through my hair.
I want kissing to feel like music.
I want my day to feel like walking through a shop of curiosities and taking all the time I want.
I want my body to feel like a ninja with soft skin.
I want my nervous system to feel like soaking in a hot spring in the winter desert at sunrise.
I want my money making to feel like an ocean view and lying on warm sand.
I want my success to feel like a fantastic piece of art and dancing with my kids to a favorite song.
I want my bed to feel like post- massage or yoga bliss
I want parenting to feel like hiking a winding mountain trail in springtime.
I want my laughter to feel like a cup of ginger tea with honey and lemon.
I want my love to feel like a tall tree bursting with color and swaying in the breeze.
I want my smile to feel like a sparkling string of lights at night.
I want my neighborhood to feel like a potluck dinner and a busy, funky cafe.
I want my challenges to feel like climbing trees.
I want my ideas to feel like a baby with rosy cheeks, bright eyes and a cute, round bottom or like cutting open a perfect avocado and scooping out the deliciousness.
I want my teaching to feel like jumping in the ocean for a swim or like finding a fresh mountain spring.
I want the end of my day to feel like lying under a tree and looking up at the breathing crown of leaves.

 Wanna do it too? Include a couple of your desired states in the comments if you'd like. I'd love to hear what you want.
Here's to a beautiful day...



  1. ooo. I missed this question. I'm going to do it. I'll report back. I'm making earrings right now and time is getting away from me. I think tonight will be better.

    I love how you want things/experience to feel.

  2. P.S. That shot of me is why Finn and I get along so well. That emotion exactly.

  3. Desi: I love that photo of us! so fun. That was a couple of weeks before we drove cross-country with Odin. (and the day you broke Allan's toe.)

  4. I want my day to feel like the sun on my skin.
    I want kissing to feel like static electricity.
    I want my next success to feel like winning the lottery.
    I want my body to feel like a playground.
    I want smiling to feel like a hot cup of chocolate.
    I want my friendships to feel like sessions of enlightenment that go long and always have refreshments.
    I want my nervous system to feel like barbershop quartet singing in perfect vocal harmony.
    I want my gigs to feel like a breve half caf cappuccino.
    I want my neighborhood to feel like a jungle teaming with green and creative energy.
    I want my home to feel like agate in all it’s beautiful forms.
    I want my money-making to feel like cooking up a great meal for friends and family.
    I want my word to feel like an old oak.
    I want my laughter to feel like huge pacific waves that wash over you and linger to effervesce on your skin before another set comes in.
    I want the end of the day to feel like shavasana.
    I want being of service to feel like a perfectly cooked steak.
    I want my philanthropy to feel like steady breath.
    I want my challenges to feel like hiking.
    I want my love to feel like flush smiling cheeks.
    I want my work to feel like my hand around a tea cup.
    I want my ideas to feel like sunnyside up eggs.

  5. Thanks for playing, Desi ;) I love your feelings!

  6. Hi Colleen,

    I just found a comment on my blog from you from November and thought I'd check in over here. This is a beautiful exercise, and it is so visceral it makes me scared, because I have been thinking much less about other people and much more about myself lately, to a selfish degree. I'm scared to try this because I'm not sure what I want all these to be.

    But just reading your answers reminds me to be there for others in as many ways and facets as I can. Thank you for this. I feel like it is a little wake up for me right now!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Tiffanie! I actually found this exercise to be one where I got to think about what *I* want to feel (rather than what others expect or need). I suppose it is just whatever we need it to be at the time ;)

  7. Gah, what an amazing picture! Wow. I'm going to do this exercise very soon and will post it.

  8. WOW. I really love this list and all of the amazing imagery you just provided me!


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