Worms!: vermicomposting is fun...

We moved our worm farm up to the hills with us from San Diego and the critters are going strong! I've been neglecting them and had to move them to a bigger bin. The problem is that we generate a lot more food scraps than they can eat. We'll have to set up a regular compost pile somewhere too... but I love the worms.
Step 1: drilled holes and Step 2: added bedding to new bin
Finn sporting his 'big boy underpants' outside
After drilling holes and adding bedding to the new bin Finn and I started to add food and some of the worms. The green bin will be stacked on top of the blue bin. Most of the worms are supposed to migrate up to the green bin through the 1/4 inch holes that I drilled in the bottom once they realize that all of their food is gone from the bottom bin... (see below).

Here we are a few days later...moving more worms because I'm nervous they won't migrate! Relax, Colleen, they'll move eventually! Again...Finn is modelling another pajama top with his rain boots.

And here's a shot of Bodhi and me both extremely sleep deprived:


  1. mmm worms. you and the boys looks so cute. of course it goes without saying... but i miss you all.

  2. you have inspired me!



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