Embarking on the GAPS diet

My quest to heal Bodhi's gut and to get some sleep continues. I have been immersed in the GAPS (Gut And Psychology Syndrome) diet for the last few weeks. I think this is going to be the answer. I'll post more on this later, but the basic idea is that many health problems (physiological and psychological) are caused by dysbiosis-- a microbial imbalance in the intestines. The result is 'leaky gut' syndrome which wreaks havoc on the body, basically rendering it 'toxic' and manifesting in various ways from ADHD to allergies to depression. The protocol sets out to heal the gut and therefore heal the body and mind.

Yipee! We are going for it. I actually started on the full GAPS diet a couple of weeks ago. Jason and Finn will start the 'Intro Diet' (which is sort of like an elimination diet) on Friday. I can't go too intense with it because I'm breastfeeding and don't want to detox too fast (I would detox right into Bodhi through my milk!)....but I'll be following along with caution.

My goal? A happy baby...which will lead to a happy mommy. I also intend to heal my horrific life-long allergies, Jason's multiple problems ;) and....more on Finn later.

Pictured above you see the fruit of some of my labor-- fermenting veggies, ghee, five quarts of bone broth, frozen lamb's liver, organic beef tallow.... and some of the fixings for the diet.
What is this crazy diet all about? More later... I'm off to take a detox bath.


  1. i was just reading more about this and i don't see a way to get josh to do this at all.

  2. Some people move through the intro quickly (a week or so)--that wouldn't be bad-- What do you think would be the hardest for him?

  3. i think he could do that. it think i'm going to try it when i have more home time in the summer.


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