Success! How to unclog a plugged milk duct...

Yesterday morning I was snuggling on the couch with Finn and he kept kicking me in the chest (which hurt like hell-- more than expected). I was sleep deprived after a long night of baby Bodhi writhing with gas and only sleeping while on my chest nursing. I felt engorged in one part of my right breast and when I touched it there was a huge lump. It must be a plugged duct! Ouch.
what wouldn't I do for that face?
After consulting my favorite breastfeeding resource, I started following instructions-- resting, nursing, pumping, massaging and using hot compresses, but after a few hours there was no change. My cousin Kristen told me how she massaged hers until it hurt like crazy and then squeezed it out like popping a zit. I tried-- no luck. Finally I found a blog (I'll link it later when I find it again) that said to follow the above directions for a few hours and then massage the lump down toward the nipple until a whitehead looking thing appears on the nipple. Then, sterilize a sewing needle and pop it like a blister. Relief! It worked. After nursing, the hard, painful lump was gone.
I was strangely satisfied and proud of myself. 

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