Crazy days of sleep deprivation...

Which is why I almost completely vanished. Here is a typical morning: nursing in bed, hoping that Bodhi will settle and that his gas will stop hurting his little belly...also hoping that I can catch one more catnap before Finn starts yelling from his bed. No luck. Finn yells.
I open his door to find him gathering up the cars and other animal figures that he sleeps on all night. (He won't even pull up the covers when we tuck him in because THE CARS CAN'T BE COVERED DAMNIT!) We head out to the living room where Finn screams about various disappointments and commands me to do various things. Try to make tea quickly and to remain patient. Begin making Finn's smoothie and meanwhile satisfy him with a 'muffin' (Finn thinks they're treats..but they're really full of healthy stuff, so I use these homemade things as leverage sometimes--is that bribery?)

I just want some quiet time to sip tea and read email, but Finn wants to build blocks and so I do. But he knocks down all of my creations and limits me to just a few choices in blocks. I'm immature when I'm sleep deprived. I don't want to play with you if you don't let me build anything! Finn also wants to smother Bodhi with kisses and sometimes a blanket, so I must be on it....no sneaking off to the bathroom without lugging Bodhi's bouncy seat with me. No privacy for me.

I start frying my eggs.

Then the pooing begins. Finn informs me that he has pooed. Thank you. Will you please start using the potty, damnit!? (But I'm too tired to take on that endeavor-- maybe in a month?-- Part of me wishes that I could hire that task out).  Convince Finn to change his poo now before it's everywhere and more nasty. Turn off stove. Change the nasty shit. Back to eggs, which continued to cook in the cast iron skillet while I was gone. They're basically ruined, but I shovel them in anyway. One minute later Bodhi lets out a loud baby gurgle poo noise and I'm back in the other room changing a diaper.



  1. OMG, Colleen! Lucky thing they are both cute.

    I always tell you that if I got as little sleep as you do I would murder. Seriously murder.

  2. girlfriend, i have BEEN THERE with the sleep deprivation (could never execute the cry-it-out thing so i guess you could say i payed the price). i hope it is better for you now. i can't really give you advice...just that eventually, after you are able to wean at night, the babies sleep better (for my last one that came at 18 months!) once they understand they aren't getting "nuh nuh" all night long in mama's bed, they decide to sleep (for my 3 anyway)


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