Morning list of grievances and appreciations

Morning list of grievances:
  1. Please don't throw random broken plastic boxes in the recycling. They are not recyclable.
  2. The dog is practically a skeleton--112 in people years. Please don't leave him outside in the cold at 6:30 am
  3. When I call to quickly ask you something please don't question me about my irrational comments as my three year old is screaming at me and the baby is demanding food, and I still havent even had tea or coffee.
  4. Please don't hide small morning essential items like the teapot strainer in the bottom of the dish drying rack below ten pounds of loud pots and pans. This makes it even harder for me to get my first cup of tea.
Morning list of appreciations:
Thank you...
  1. For staying up extra late to do the last of the dishes so I could wake up to a clean kitchen. 
  2. For feeding the dog and letting out the chickens so I didn't have to walk out there in the cold.
  3. For setting up curb-side trash pick-up so the garage is no longer monopolized by a mountain of recycling.
  4. For being available to answer my call about the trash schedule and texting me with the answer (so I could take care of the screaming 3 year old).
  5. For loving my ancient dog as if he'd been with you for 16 years (and cleaning up his poo in the middle of the night without too much complaining).
  6. For loving me even when I'm at my worst.
FYI: not recyclable.

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  1. omg, I love this post, Colleen. It felt cathartic just reading it -- must've been a pleasure to write :)


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