Holiday rehab

We are six days post-Christmas and I have been comforting myself with yoga and chocolate. It's not that I am saddened by the passing of Christmas. I am quite relieved that it is over. Not surprisingly, I dived into the decorating, the cooking and the handmade gifts with too much fervor and now I need to rest...on a beach, somewhere tropical. Since that is not happening, I am substituting a continuous rotation of yoga and chocolate like you might do with heat and ice on an injury. I figure one of them is healthy, so I can't be doing too much damage.
Pictured above is a closer look at the advent calendar which I posted about here.  And below are some of the other decorations that I made, copying ideas I found on Pinterest.

What does your holiday rehab look like?


  1. i love your crafts. everything looked so beautiful. wish i could of seen it.

  2. I'm very impressed! Very cute things. Yoga and chocolate sounds like a good rehab to me! We were lucky enough to spend a week in Florida over Christmas so i feel pretty rested now. Christmas decorations are down now and I am looking forward to the new year. Happy New Year!

  3. Totally dig your festive decor. Really, really like it -- I'm remembering those awesome Halloween (?) birds on the wall, too. You rocked it this season. I am totally schooled.


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