Scootin' to happiness.

Oh my. It has been a rough couple of weeks. The joyful three year old you see pictured above is not always so joyful. J has been working nonstop and although I have always known that I need time alone, never has it been so absolutely clear that damnit I NEED SOME TIME ALONE! PLEASE! Like in a sauna, or on a beach.

I practically cried (well actually I did cry, I should say that I practically broke down completely) last week when my double, jog style stroller got two flats and I couldn't go for a long walk. Fortunately I have a back up stroller that seats one baby and as you can see, I have a mighty talented scooter ridin' boy, so we made it out of the house. And even though we need rain and snow, the sun was such a gift last week. There's nothing like sunshine on my face to brighten things up.

I was my own worst enemy, trying to do it all and beating myself up for not adhering to all of the suggestions in the perfect parenting books and blogs. Then I read this post and laughed so hard. Damn did that feel good. She is FUNNY. Sometimes I just need a change in perspective. Scootin' with Finn is always good for that.


  1. I love these shots! and you are way too amazing to be beat up on like that :) How about a beach and a sauna in the hotel? One week without kids... call me.

    1. Go Jasona. If I was there I would give you both a break. If you can make it down here you can drop those cute bundles off on me and go have some fun on your own.

  2. Ditto. Needing the time alone and beating myself up thinking I am selfish for feeling that way. Getting out for fun in nature helps for sure. When I'm in a rut like that, it is hard to find the motivation and "talk myself off the cliff".

  3. Gosh that Momastery post was exactly what I needed to read. Thanks for sharing your teary moment -- I have puh-lenty -- and they are a-OK. All that "should do/should feel" crap is just crap. Now, get to the beach :)


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