How I got here.

Two weeks after my second baby boy was born, we packed up and moved from San Diego to  northern California where my husband grew up.  I went from working 50+ hours a week at a wonderfully intense charter school to being a full-time mom to a  2 1/2 year old and a newborn in a tiny mountain town.

I miss teaching and I really miss the teenagers (I taught 12th grade), but I knew that my personality just couldn't handle the insanity of being a full time teacher and a mom of young children. I'm not exactly good at drawing boundaries at work and we design our own curriculum at my school (which I love)--but that means I could keep working and working and working. Also, did I mention that I'm crazy sensitive? Teenagers have a lot going on emotionally and I just soak it all up, so that I by the time I get home, I'm completely zapped and then I dream about them ALL NIGHT LONG.

And then there's the perfectionist in me--I just couldn't handle thinking that I was doing less than my best at either the teaching or the parenting--or BOTH! Yikes. It makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it (obviously this is something I need to work on).

So, here I am for now-- a mom. It seems so much more difficult than the stressful teaching job. Why is that?

This post was going to be about my latest intellectual and creative obsession: Dia de los Muertos. (and how I fill the intellectual void now that I'm not constantly researching and developing material for my class).

Stay tuned!

(note: the slide show above is from a couple of years ago--I still have to archive and organize my more recent projects. Yet another thing to obsess about. Ha!)

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