We took our first cross-country trip as a family of four a couple of weeks ago--home to Rhode Island. Although the travelling was horrendous (hours and hours of wrestling two small boys in a confined space) it was so good to see my dad, sister, brother, best friend from childhood and their families. I miss them (and my hometown) incredibly. I either need to move or spend at least a few weeks a year back there. Seven days was no where near enough time--especially with a wedding in Vermont thrown in the mix (that's 2 full days of driving round trip!). No, it wasn't a 'vacation'--but it was wonderful.

My brother's girls--climbing rocks already!

I have such mixed up feelings about where to live long term. I love California, the sun, the mountains, the fresh fruits and vegetables.... but I miss my roots and my family (and definitely the ocean). Maybe it's because  I've been a 'little under the weather' lately.  I need a trip to the acupuncturist and the doctor.  Okay, now I'm rambling... There's so much for me to post about. Coming soon: my obsession with Dia de los Muertos and how I'll be going all out for the holiday. (My latest distraction).

All photos by Jason B Smith

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  1. I'm not even from lil' rhodie, but I miss it. I miss you more though. Sarah always makes me want to move east. Check out this farm she just bought http://saipua.blogspot.com/2011/09/eric-and-i-take-rare-moment-to-walk.html


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